TNB Token Swap Announcement

Dear Community:

Thank you very much for your continued attention and support to TNB.On November 16, 2018,TNB Team has officially launched the mainnet token swap for small scale,the TNB token (ERC20 standard) will be gradually replaced by the TNB coin. During the small-scale token swap, please use the wallet provided by the TNB official to store and trade mainnet TNB, to experience the technical features. The token swap in the entire network will be operated uniformly after the negotiation with exchanges and the digital currency wallets.

The token swap schedule for exchanges and wallets is being communicated. For the specific time, please stay tuned to the announcement of the exchanges and TNB official website. Meanwhile, for the holders of non-digital currency exchanges and other wallets, TNB official website has opened the token swap channel on a long-term basis to coordinate with the token migration. Because of the complex operation involved with token swap process and certain risks of the manual operation, you are advised to operate with caution. If you have any questions regarding the token swap operation, please contact the TNB official customer service.

During the TNB token swap, the mainnet only supports the asset transfer between the mainnet wallets. Please do not withdraw the token in the exchange to the mainnet wallet directly, and also do not recharge the mainnet TNB to the exchange. During this time, TNB team will never ask for the user's private key, wallet file or password for whatever reasons.

From the TNB mainnet launched, date back to the day when the team was built, it took 353 days. During the 353 days, TNB experienced highs and lows, faced difficulties and was questioned. TNB Team never gave up and continued to promote the project. The launch of the TNB mainnet is a milestone in the history of TNB development. It is a summary of the past and also a fresh start, which marks that TNB is embarking on a new journey in the decentralized blockchain field.

Goals ahead, hopes in heart, strengths from the feet, whether the future is sunny or windy the team will take every step earnestly. The blockchain is a completely decentralized technology so the time ecology of decentralization will be built by each of us. The future of TNB has you and me, and everyone who cares about TNB!

Process of TNB Token Swap:

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